Despite it bearing little to no value for normal progression it … Starting at the first lamp, go through the gate and down the elevator. i knew i was missing a shortcut because the level kept going and going. Forbidden Woods. Go right and more or less follow the main path until you get to the big snake, there's a small path to the right that lets you run around him, or just run past him, whichever you prefer. The Forbidden Woods had all the makings of a great location, but the seemingly infinite length of this part coupled with drab visuals and uninteresting enemies seriously hurts the Forbidden Woods' credibility in Bloodborne.. According to Sony, to steer clear of the bug, make sure you do not initiate a multiplayer session in Bloodborne's Forbidden Woods area by using the Small Resonant Bell or … The Forbidden Woods are one of the most treacherous areas in all of Bloodborne, and even making it to them alive is a challenge in itself.In this Bloodborne Forbidden Woods guide, we'll be … Close. 3. Posted by 2 years ago. Find the Suspicious Beggar and send him to Iosefka's Clinic for an easy rune; Defeat the Shadow of Yharnam; Take hidden path to rear entrance of Iosefka's Clinic; Iosefka's Clinic (Rear Entrance) (Optional) NOTE: If you intend to use Iosefka as a source for one of the One Third of Umbilical Cord, do NOT kill her now. We take a look at the secret areas that even the biggest fans of From Software's popular video game Bloodbourne can't help but miss. Go across the bridge - behind it, near some tombstones on the left, you will find Twin Blood Stone Shards.When on the bridge, watch out for two enemies, one carrying a gun. Send the elevator back up and run outside. I found the shortcut from The Forbidden Woods into Iosefka's Clinic, but the door closed behind me? Demonstration: [Bloodborne 1.05 (and 1.07) - Forbidden Woods Skip] Forbiden Woods Hut Skip - This skip utilizes a series of careful invisible ledge walking to gain entrance to the Forbidden Woods hut near the first bonfire (where Vatlr is) without needing to open the gate or raise the elevator. ... Bloodborne is an Action RPG from renowned Japanese developer FromSoftware, makers of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series. To enter the Forbidden Woods head to the Cathedral Ward Lamp Post. I missed the stupid shortcut back to the lantern on my first time through. Continue on the main path until you come across a group of villagers near a series of bonfires. Archived. Help. Demonstration: [Bloodborne 1.05 (and 1.07) - Forbidden Woods Skip] Elevator Drop - it is possible to jump on invisible ledge from top of elevator located at the first main shortcut and descent into lower part of the woods a bit faster. From the Forbidden Woods lamp, head right over the bridge, dodging the spiked log as it swings. Bloodborne: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed. i kept finding other shortcuts but nothing that led back to the damn locked door next to the lantern. Now, head back down and after a while, you will reach a square with a lantern, which you should of course light up (there is an Antidote behind the closed gate, by the wall - you will later unlock a shortcut here). Forbidden Woods.