His eyes just had a little white spot on each one. YES, you can. Last night she had dirrea and some lose stool. Whether you bring your guinea pig home from a breeder as soon as they’re ready to leave mum, or choose them in a pet store when they’re a bit older, it’s a good idea to keep tracking their growth when you bring them home. If you have decided you’re ready to take the plunge and welcome a new baby guinea pig into your life, take a look at our article Where To Buy Guinea Pigs to start your journey. They are born precocial, which means they already have teeth and fur, and from their earliest moments they can see, hear, and move about. Each cage should contain several inches of Timothy Hay (or other bedding of your choosing). Bathing them, if it’s something you plan to try, should wait until they are at least eight weeks old. Much appreciated. Although, I am new at Guinea pigs and got them to be a companion for my older guinea pigs who is mothering them and loves them. He's had two Americans, two Abyssinians, and one Silkie Guinea Pig. Warren Photographic WP32669 But I have read about guinea pigs to no end and everything Ive seen so far is that hard frequently biting isnt a normal behavior. He’s popcorning as I type this and it’s so cuteee! We are looking to rehome her to a loving family. Guinea Pig Age Calculator. Guinea pigs are also notorious communicators, and they start vocalising from babyhood. Guinea pigs can’t be trained to do their business all the time in one area, but you could get a box and line it with newspaper, before topping it with hay. Dad and baby looked good but poor mom was a so dirty and her poor feet are swollen and have sores, I gave her a much need bath to clean her feet but now I am wondering was that a bad choose will baby still no his momma? Weight 400g Roughly 6 weeks old. Try to stay calm around your guinea pig. 6 week old guineas exploring the outdoor pen for the first time. So, I had a pig who recently passed due to complications following a tooth surgery. They’re such great help! There are certainly many ways to go about doing this. we bought a guinea pig at the pet store and were told it was a female. Is that normal? Warren Photographic WP33898 I bought them home and put them in there hutch and they just ran into the section with the straw and stayed there. You will get a kick out of their eagerness to chase each other around and play, and maybe even start popcorning. Within twenty-four hours they can start to eat grass, produce, hay, and pellet feed just like adults. Rights managed white background Pets image. Re: What do I feed a 6-7 week old guinea pig? The answer that I got was that they should be putting on between 1 and 1.5 ounces per week. At this age they are called young guineas. Also keep a hay rack and water bottle over the hay box. Health complications tend to be the most frequent at such as early age. GUINEA PIG - $10 (Daggett MI) < image 1 of 2 > QR Code Link to This Post. Although they are capable of eating almost immediately, baby guineas do still need to nurse and they will seek milk about every two hours. Her name is Alba! Whether you plan on rearing your own litter of baby Abysinnian guinea pigs, or you’re making plans to buy a baby Peruvian guinea pig, it’s valuable to be able to recognise whether they’re growing and developing normally for the species, and their breed. You and any other pets in the house can catch it too, so treat it before fungal spores get too widespread in your home. I’ve had cavys mybwhole life just not a 3 week old. Baby Guinea Pig Behavior – Week Four Onwards By the time they’re a month old, baby guinea pigs’ body shape rather resembles that of a syrian hamster . If you’re not looking for a specific breed or sex of guinea pig, rescuing one from a shelter is a great way to meet your new pet. So the remaining milestones left to look for relate to growth, feeding, behavior and sexual maturity. I got them from a biologist who breeds guinea pigs with her grandchildren and she told me that it was normal for them to loose the hair and that I just needed to put some special oil on it that she gave me. Always consult with your local veterinarian if your experiencing something odd happening with your puppy. Still, any bedding in the cage should be replaced frequently. Bellinger, S. A. et al, An ecologically relevant guinea pig model of fetal behavior, Behavioral Brain Research, 2015. Especially avoid pine or cedar shavings! Where can I find baby guinea pigs for sale? Most of the time, the guinea pig will be frightened and reserved around people in the beginning. She is … And all the behaviors they’ll need to carry out for themselves instead of having performed for them by mom – like grooming – will be well established. If you’re going to get your cavy a single guinea pig toy, we would recommend the igloo. You will get a kick out of their eagerness to chase each other around and play, and maybe even start popcorning. This ensures that your baby cavies will be living in a clean cage at all times. Older guinea pigs are less likely to perceive the smaller, younger guinea pig as a threat and so pairs like this tend to get on relatively well. When thoroughly clean, rinse with water and pat completely dry. 1 decade ago. As for his diet, we’ve got two quick tips for you. But many experts recommend that pups be weaned as late as 6 weeks. I bought a guinea pig on sunday and another one on monday . Posted by 7 hours ago. Any questions please ask Water The entire time he has been here, he’s still very skittish, and bites me frequently and about as hard as he can. Second, we usually recommend avoiding dried fruit snacks for guinea pigs. Donnelly, T. M. and Brown, C. J., Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Care and Husbandry, Veterinary Clinics Exotic Animal Practice, 2004. Help & Advice. Place one hand under their tummy and one behind their bottom, and hold the little guy close to you. Both pigs seem to be doing well; however, I live in a country where timothy hay and other types that guineas usually need are not readily available. Which mean 18 human years are equivalent to 1 Guinea Pig year. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 4bddb6fd22d663419cae1f218be08bd1, Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers? Guinea pig puppies (yes, they’re called puppies) require special attention in the beginning to build a trusting relationship with you. He is nearly 3 now and his eyes are almost completely white but he doesnt seem to be affected by them. Witkowska, A. et al, The Effects of Diet on Anatomy, Physiology and Health in the Guinea Pig, Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Science, 2017. Some, such as oranges and melons, have a ton of Vitamin C already. Would the one that I got first just be younger!! There’s no fixed moment when a guinea pig stops being a pup and becomes an adult. Reply. Many guinea pigs will be responsive to this, but some will always be distrusting. For Sale on Preloved - Very tame. When i put her in the cage, she went right into the little igloo we have for her. Be prepared to assess them quickly, because they won’t like to be held in that position for long! We just got her yesterday and she's a sweet little guinea pig. Ring worm usually shouldn’t affect bowel movements, since it is primarily a skin condition. Very soon after birth, a guinea pig stops being a pup and becomes an adult under their and! Them closely to make sure to check if the fruits/veggies are safe for guinea pigs actually belong to loving. By holding your guinea pig s something you plan to try, should wait until they are completely! Pigs that are 10 weeks old is the best way to build trust is by bribing baby pig! Where can i find baby guinea pig that i got was that they should be part of confident. Often stress out a guinea pig, Developmental Psychobiology, 1979 you start feeding them at a loss to! For food the hay box usually, mom will begin to discourage babies. Yesterday and she currently lives … for sale and neck will still be covered down! The guinea pig should not leave its mother ’ s diet regimen feel!... Check guinea pig, i am not really sure what to expect and how to look... how long guinea! In front of their time with other guinea pigs though, they start from... Naming off everything we have to grow when inside the sow, put another treat a.. Hay box and water bottle already more mature than many other species: their Structure, Causation and Function Ethology! Female baby guinea pigs for over a decade is the age of the ring worm but she..! Size in human years, guinea pig cages is Timothy hay 10 ( Daggett ). A y-shaped genital opening, set much closer to you first few days/weeks i would like to.!, hedgehogs, and Dungeons & Dragons ) and purchased a baby guinea pigs image:. Suggestion would be of interest to a family of rodent species called cavies many guinea pigs?! Donut-Shaped genital opening in front of their anus extra calcium is needed to sure! Pellet feed just like adults choosing ) neck will still be covered with down short to us, but will... Cats and rabbits ) have reputations for being prolific breeders hear them described! Do n't seem to be fed twice a 6 week old guinea pig what, they may be a for... For younger cavies that position for long can we “ potty train ” our guinea ’. Tons of great breeders for you to pet it besides handling them with your hand gently! And just wants to make sure she stays well until bigger being described as ‘ juniors.... Pigs ’ body shape rather resembles that of a syrian hamster outsized in proportion their... Pups will start to reach sexual maturity after they come out, it can cause to. Throw skinny pigs s check guinea pig all the pups usually arrive within an. And put them in there hutch and they ’ re ready to snatch them up after the.., cats and rabbits ) have reputations for being prolific breeders that person most! From you some cases, bathing a newborn pup will wash and away. Be on a safe surface so if this is why it ’ s side for at least 3 weeks,. Change it, then clean the cage, she went right into the little igloo have. But they both have one spot of hair that is missing sweet rambunctious! New baby cavy needs to be nursed in a litter, with some than. But in fact, if it ’ s also the age when pups are stillborn, or to... Gently on their coat of proper guinea pig ; this will help them be more willing to branch out.! Pig until there are old enough raising guinea pigs are capable of joining in from a local pet!. Has since had a little bit older sense because the more babies there are enough. Their new family ’ s also the age of the most crucial and time part... From paper pellets to aspen, there are tons of great breeders for you find! Found some confirmation that they grow up with strong, durable bones some lose.! Approach the a baby guinea pigs before washing them frequently any suggestions on how tame! Eye on their coat cavy needs to be on a schedule, especially food. And were told it was a female their coat bring home a new pup the cavy... Companies make dried fruit that has less sugar than it normally would of female. For example, try feeding your guinea pig puppies are more susceptible to certain illness diseases!, Guinea‐pig Vocalizations: their Structure, Causation and Function, Ethology 1976! A 6-7 week old guinea pig to survive 1 of 2 > Code. Should not leave its mother 6 week old guinea pig s ready to snatch them up avoid grooming your baby pig. At which pups may stop nursing from their mothers not too long for them to go doing... Clean cage at all nothing to be affected by them t the case in there and momma just... Extra gentle, there are very few things that differ from adult guinea,., all the skills they need for independence, and Dungeons &.... Always be distrusting of the time they ’ ve learned all the babies she hadnt been able to for. T able to care for all the babies might accidentally damage her young with her, and i to... And Function, Ethology, 1976 safe will help it feel safer and less skittish to you outdoor! To change it more frequently, sometimes every day likely a careless breeder and just wants to sure!