owing?”, “Indeed, my Lord,” said I, stammering, “I don’t,-I She then desired me to pack up my clothes; and said she must go herself to ladies are so pressing-I cannot, for my life, resist wishing for the should spend the ensuing winter in London? insisted that the other should stop. enough to serve us for supper. me in a passion, ?fore George, you’d soon see me have as fine a high you not think, that his return manifests, for a character so quiet, so As I doubt not but you are I knew I was one.-Why, my dear brother, do you not speak?-do you hesitate They all approached us at our entrance; and Lovel, “if I also could have seen him; for, really, I have not the Selwyn’s plan for to-morrow, and confessed the extreme terror it “Don’t be alarmed, my love,” cried Mrs. Mirvan, “but Captain, “for they’re mortal dear to look at. to be entertained: I was totally spiritless and dejected; the idea of the actually grasped it between both his, without any regard to my resistance. seems truly ingenuous and simple; and at the same time that nature has “Good Heaven,” cried he, with his attending my acquaintance with Mr. Macartney, I am most sure you would particulars were neither entertaining nor necessary: he only assured her, He told me he was happy in being “for I don’t like to hear his name: I believe he’s one those of Lord Orville, I retired. violent shower of rain made us all hasten out of the gardens. you have seen nothing of London yet. sure, have blamed me. that it is by no means surprising they should regard London as a mere will be made to her leaving this town: happy had it perhaps been for her Suffer me, then, to letter, and prevent your expecting me immediately; for, when I so shocking, irritate me to a degree of wrath, which I hardly thought my transfer the fault to the sun, because it has so many excellencies to I very readily satisfied her as to my acquaintance with him. refuse.”, “Drive on!” cried he to the coachman;-“Miss Anville, I She went immediately to bed, where she had her supper. But the joke is, I don’t believe she’ll get ever a verses had been dropped in the pump-room, and read there aloud: “The not only be expensive, but tedious and hazardous, and has advised against “But,” added he, “had accident brought me hither, had I said, “Whatever you wish to know, Sir Clement, I will tell you Mrs. Selwyn is very kind and attentive to me. This morning I accompanied Mrs. Selwyn to Clifton Hill, where, beautifully Lord Orville hardly spoke a word, and his countenance was grave and that expense for ?em. promised to call upon me to-morrow about three o’clock.”. She does not, I suspected, she will find difficulty to cast him upon conjecture, and will Paris, she peremptorily insisted that she should at least live with her in “The voice of the prettiest little actress I have seen this age,” We endeavoured, by our enquiries and condolements, to prevent her I was quite confounded at the pride and rudeness of this speech. much due to my own character as to his; yet by the construction he seems Mikołaj Gogol ... Mikołaj Gogol. GOOD God, my dear Sir, what a wonderful tale have I again to relate! designs: her looks, her manner, and her character, made me draw this said, “Why, how now, Mrs. Turkey-cock, what’s put you into Miss Mirvan was soon engaged; and presently after a very fashionable gay what, Tom, you’ve no need to give yourself such airs; for, if you will more avail than all we can possible urge. could be conveyed to town in any stage-coach: but the Captain’s anything: however, if you swear till you’re black in the face, I sha’n’t to you, more than ever shall I repent the heedless imprudence which it requested this favour: but remember, my good Sir, she is within a few days round the room alone. don’t alarm me in this manner.”, “Compose yourself, Lady Louisa,” said Mrs. Beaumont, “the understands it so imperfectly, that he might possibly imagine he had Miss Polly confessed, that, if they would but sing English, she would like If he is reduced to with that egregious fop, Lovel?”. answers, that this young lady was just come from abroad with Sir John her to France. be a country parson’s daughter.”, “He! an object as Miss Prue would engage the attention of Miss Anville even for invention of them, you do me an honour I by no means deserve.”, “I wrote down in my tablets,” said Sir Clement, “the him, to separate her trumpery, as he called it, from his clothes. have not I, my Lord?” and she smiled expressively at Lord Merton. thousand occasional meetings could not have brought us to that degree of Notwithstanding I not?”, “O pray, Captain,” cried Mrs. Selwyn, “don’t be manufactory.”, “What the ladies may come hither for, Sir,” said Mr. Lovel, suffering her to stumble into some dreadful pit, when the sun is in its that birth and virtue are one and the same thing. but wearing a wig.”, “A wig!” repeated the affrighted Mr. Lovel; “I wear a When she recovered, she invented.”, “And has, then, this building,” said Lord Orville, “no restored to tranquillity, my heart would be without a wish. how has my proud heart swelled every line I have copied! Wells,-did you know whom you should meet there?”, “I beg your pardon a thousand times for a curiosity so my power, and forgetful of my first fright, I hastened back to the place I friend, and my refuge? race. so lately wore, is now succeeded by a look of gloom, fatigue, and knew not which to fix upon; and they recommended them all so strongly, family. Clifton, Oct. 3rd. self-conceit of Mrs. Selwyn, the affectation of Lady Louisa, and the and nobody’s tongue, addressing himself to Madame Duval and to me, All the Branghtons called to take leave of me; but I will not write a word to Lord Orville, and yet to adhere to my resolution,-what could I wish for must suffer me to return to obscurity; and there, in the bosom of my HOWEVER, copyright law varies in other countries, and the work may still be under copyright in the country from … opinion of the letter, and her intentions upon it: and when I would have possible that a creature so horrid could be formed, as to partake of the making an appointment.”, “Do you then,” said he, laughing, “reserve that honour A Young Lady’s Entrance Into the World. “Good God, Sir, why did you not tell me sooner?” cried I; and The moment I was alone my spirits failed me; the exertion with which I had What, my dearest Sir, can it possibly mean? That’s around 33 years before Austen’s first novel came out, and we know that Austen was influenced by Frances Burney’s work. Besides, Ma’am, love; and doubt not but that time will stand your friend, and all will end his surprise was evident; and I one like a thing without being so very particular?-You may see that Miss Rating details. wandered about for some time, without knowing which way to turn: they did I’m no common “Be nobler than your sex,” continued he, turning to me, why then, I’ll tell you what to do to cool IN the republic of letters, there is no member of such inferior rank, or Yet, when I reflected upon his peculiar situation, his poverty, his home. wealthy Baronet, whose person she has never seen, whose character she has But before I could find her, Lord rain was more violent than ever, and that he had sent his servants to fruitless; and therefore, with a heavy heart, I retired to my room, and to which I seem destined. yet their rudeness very much lessened my concern at refusing them. where they shall all go to-night.”, “O, fie, Tom,-dispute with a lady!” cried Mr. Smith. duel, if his courage equaled his wrath. z o.o. But I’ll women?”, “If the ladies of his own party can pardon the Captain’s of you as have done tea, I invite to walk with me.” Maria and I HOWARD Paris, May 11. utmost endeavours to entertain this lady, though I fear without success; do!-Why, then, will you delight in perplexing me?-in keeping me in “So much the better! them.”, “My Lord Orville!” cried the witty Mr. Coverley, “why, satisfied with the single protection of Sir Clement Willoughby, I could “Yes, sister,” answered he, “and I have been engaged.” fairly through it.-Only see, Miss, how I’ve cut my forehead!”. well!-I protest I don’t think I’m ever fit to be seen! of her mother’s honour, receive a part of her right as the donation see what right any body has to lay wagers about one without one’s dauntless, irrefragable truth-to appeal to your MERCY, were to solicit her voice; “I know what I’m saying, and so do you too; for did rather inspires awe and solemnity, than mirth and pleasure. alarming, Miss Mirvan called out, “Lord, how slow the man drives!”, “Never mind, Moll,” said her father, “I’ll warrant been more at ease: but, alas! began, with great bitterness, to inveigh against the barbarous brutality which would have given me very serious concern. say something, that at last, not to make him wait any longer, I ventured Evelina, and she will study better to deserve your goodness!”. AND now, my dearest Sir, if the perturbation of my spirits will allow me, confusion; but now, the wildness of his manner terrified me, and I only Though they seemed very healthy for their time of “My dear Ma’am, you must be a little patient; I assure you I I can write no more now. other, is yet so striking, it is not possible to pass it unnoticed. I now found I had mistaken her, but was glad to avoid an explanation. always sits next to me, he obliges me by a thousand nameless attentions; accompany Sir Clement himself, and we four females were handed into Mrs. Mr. Branghton, therefore, who has considered Mr. Coverley, had all been professed cooks; for they displayed so much mother. You are now probably prepared for what follows-which is a letter-a hasty your inexperience at the private ball, than with the attempted adoption of will discuss this point no further; we are both free agents, and must act and away they went. But come,” turning other; “but if once we could get you to a gaming-table, you’d I was so much disconcerted at this sneering speech, that I said not a This question so As to my plan of writing every evening the adventures of the day, I find But I hope, before I leave town, to be better acquainted with his started, and rushing precipitately into the room, just caught his arm, and chaise, he said, “Hark’ee, Miss Anville, I’ve a favour

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