The ADO15 used a conventional BMC A-Series four-cylinder, water-cooled engine,[26] but departed from tradition by mounting it transversely, with the engine-oil lubricated, four-speed transmission in the sump, and by employing front-wheel drive. A total of 58,179 Mini Pick-up models were built.[37]. Limited editions generally came equipped with a unique combination of interior and exterior trim and special decals. Na OLX você encontra as melhores ofertas perto de você. In 2007, German automaker BMW acquired the rights to the name and bought out the company in 2008. It dominated the mini-car market until the arrival of the Hillman Imp in 1963. Also for: Cooper s all4 clubman, Cooper all4 clubman, John cooper works clubman, Cooper s clubman, Cooper s countryman, Cooper countryman, Cooper s all4 countryman, Cooper … From the Mark IV onward, many special limited-production editions of the Mini were offered. Released in 1961 as more luxurious versions of the Mini, both the Wolseley Hornet and the Riley Elf had longer, slightly finned rear wings and larger boots that gave the cars a more conventional three-box design. This car was sold at auction in July 2013 for £1400.[72]. Em 1999, o Mini foi votado o segundo mais influente carro do século XX, atrás do Ford Model T.[5][6]. Acesse Agora! O Mini é um carro econômico produzido pela British Motor Corporation (BMC) e seus sucessores, de 1959 até 2000. The car also won the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship in 1998. 1961: Introduction of the Austin Seven Super and Morris Mini-Minor Super 2-door saloons. The Mini Traveller and Countryman Register was created in 2009 to help locate and preserve the remaining Mini Traveller and Countryman cars. Sales were discontinued when stricter federal safety standards were imposed in 1968[96][97][98][99][100] and the arrival of the larger and more profitable Austin America. The 1,000,000th Mini came off the production line in 1965,[91] with the 2,000,000th in 1969. Slow at the outset, Mark I sales strengthened across most of the model lines in the 1960s, and production totalled 1,190,000. October 1965: Automatic transmission now available as an option on standard Austin/Morris Mini and Morris Mini SDL. excelente estado de tudo nada a apontar interiores sem desgaste pintura sem danos ou sinistros pneus novos revisÃo em … Codenamed Minki ("Mini" plus K-Series engine), it included a redesigned dashboard, a two-piece rear door or tailgate instead of a boot, fold down rear seats, Hydragas suspension and a 3-cylinder version of the K-Series engine with a 5-speed gearbox. [52] It was seen there as a retro-cool icon, and inspired many imitators. The Mini Hatch (stylised as MINI hatch, or MINI Hardtop in the US), also known as Mini Cooper, Mini One, or simply the Mini, is a three-door or five door hatchback first introduced in late 2000 by German automotive company BMW. [10][11][12][13] Its space-saving transverse engine and front-wheel drive layout – allowing 80% of the area of the car's floorpan to be used for passengers and luggage – influenced a generation of car makers. Este modelo é a reedição das antigas carrinhas Mini da década de 60. The long-nose Clubman and 1275 GT offered better crash safety, were better equipped, and had better under-bonnet access, but they were more expensive and aerodynamically inferior to the original 1959 design. Bertone also created a Mini Cooper equivalent, christened the Innocenti De Tomaso, that sported a 1275-cc engine similar to the MG Metro engine, but with an 11-stud head, a special inlet manifold, and used the "A" clutch instead of the "Verto" type. O original é considerado um ícone britânico da década de 1960 tendo sido concebido pelo engenheiro inglês Sir Alec Issigonis. Clássicos: o máximo do Mini, 2000 / 2300 / 2400 / 3500 / V8-S / Vitesse (SD1),, !Páginas com erros CS1: caracteres invisíveis, !Artigos que carecem de notas de rodapé desde novembro de 2019, !Artigos que carecem de notas de rodapé sem indicação de tema, Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons. The Se7ens is the UK's longest running one make motor racing championship, having been introduced in 1966. "Super de Luxe" designation introduced. MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN TOP. Este modelo conta com a singularidade de ter seis portas (duas dão acesso à bagageira) enquanto que lateralmente tem uma porta adicional do lado direito do automóvel. [114] The following week, 10,000 Minis and 25,000 people attended an anniversary party at Silverstone Circuit on the border of Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. Mini models included the Morris Mini-Minor and the Austin Seven, the Countryman, Moke, 1275GT and Clubman. In October 1961 the fuel tank was relocated to the underneath of the car and the filler cap was moved to low down on the right hand side of the car – the same configuration that was already in use on the Mini Van. The layout was also adapted for larger subcompact designs. The Canadian government applies a similar rule after 15 years. O veículo é, em alguns aspectos considerados o equivalente britânico do seu contemporâneo alemão, o Fusca, que apreciou a popularidade similar na América do Norte. The performance versions, the Mini Cooper and Cooper "S", were successful as both race and rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 1965, and 1967. A pick-up truck (technically a coupé utility by definition[citation needed]), 11 ft (3.4 m) in total length was built on the longer Mini Van platform, with an open-top rear cargo area and a tailgate. In 1971, the original rubber suspension reappeared and was retained for the remaining life of the Mini. De R$ 187.990 Por: R$ 169.990 à vista Entrada de 44% + 24 parcelas mensais de R$ 999,00 + parcela final** Mini (Eigenschreibweise: MINI) ist eine Anfang 2001 unter Federführung von BMW Group entstandene Neuauflage des britischen Kleinwagens Mini.Das Äußere und auch der Innenraum wurden dem klassischen Vorbild nachempfunden, aber die Größe entspricht einem heutigen Kleinwagen. It also made the ADO15 very easy to assemble from complete knock-down kits in overseas markets with only basic industry. Just like him. The early Morris Mini Traveller and Austin Mini Countryman cars had an internal fuel tank located on the left hand side of the rear load area. [27], The production version of the Mini was demonstrated to the press in April 1959, and by August, several thousand cars had been produced ready for the first sales. The 2011 Mini John Cooper Works Clubman is a station wagon by Mini featured in Forza Motorsport 4 as a part of the Launch Bonus Car Pack. Throughout the 1970s, British Leyland continued to produce the classic 1959 "round-front" design, alongside the newer Clubman and 1275 GT models. A further title was the 1971 Sun-7 Chesterfield Series. [37], For the Australian market, all Minis including the Van gained the Clubman front in 1971 although the car was still basically a Mk I behind the A-Pillar. This feature was later discontinued after it was discovered that exhaust gases could leak into the cockpit when the boot was open. At the end of Clubman and 1275 GT production, 275,583 Clubman saloons, 197,606 Clubman Estates and 110,673 1275 GTs had been made. Automatic gearboxes were available to the Mark III in 1967 again. It perfectly blends versatility, spaciousness, craftsmanship and performance to deliver an enjoyable drive that fits everything you need in. [10] A total of 5,387,862 cars had been manufactured, nearly 1.6 million of which were sold in Britain, although the majority of these were sold at least 20 years before the Mini's demise, meaning that the majority of those sold had been scrapped before the end of the original Mini's production life.[37]. TheMini Clubmanis asuperminiengineered and manufactured byMini. 1962: "De Luxe" and "Super" designations discontinued. [69] From mid-1971 to the end of 1972, a Clubman GT version of the saloon was produced. This seems to have been a play on words: the Morris Minor was a larger, well known, and successful car that continued in production, and minor is Latin for "lesser", so an abbreviation of the Latin word for "least" – minimus – was used for the new even smaller car. The Mini shape had become so well known that by the 1990s, Rover Group – the heirs to BMC – were able to register its design as a trademark in its own right. The ERA Mini Turbo was particularly popular with Japanese buyers. Kitcher, Nigel and Davy, Rick. Der Mini Clubman ist das Kombifahrzeug der Automobilmarke Mini von BMW. The Mini Clubman and 1275 GT were replaced in 1980 by the new hatchback Austin Metro, while production of the original "round-front" Mini design continued for another 20 years. In the end 5.3 million Minis were sold, making it the most popular British car ever made. Its handsome sheetmetal shows off 1960s-era styling that will have you thinking of Twiggy and Beatlemania, and its cabin features premium materials and quirky, fun design elements. The basic Mini was the 1.3i, the other model in the range being the Mini Cooper. The Fiat 500, launched in 1957, was also hugely successful, especially in its native Italy. magazine listed the Mini City in its "Ten worst cars for safety (since 1983)" list, alongside other economical, lightweight, fuel-efficient cars like the Hyundai Pony 1.2L, Fiat Panda 900 Super, Suzuki Alto GL, Daihatsu Domino, Citroën AX 11 RE, Yugo 45 and 55, Peugeot 205 GL, and the Citroën 2CV6. 116,667 cars built in the first full year of production. A commercial version calledClubvanwas added to the range in 2012. [45], The Mark III Mini had a modified bodyshell with enough alterations to see the factory code change from ADO15 to ADO20 (which it shared with the Clubman). Buyers of small cars now wanted modern and practical designs, usually with a hatchback. Although the Metro did not replace the Mini, production figures for the Mini dipped during the 1980s, and interest in the design was not revived until the reintroduction of the Mini Cooper in 1990. In 1995 the idea to update the Mini again surfaced but this time with BMW management. The Mark IV was introduced in 1976, though by this stage British Leyland was working on a new small car which was widely expected to replace the Mini before much longer. An all steel version of both the Traveller and the Countryman without the wood trim was launched for export markets in April 1961 and for the home market in October 1962, but the woodie version remained more popular. The 997 cc engine was replaced by a shorter stroke 998 cc unit in 1964. Esta página foi editada pela última vez às 17h50min de 6 de julho de 2020. January 1962: All former Austin Seven models now officially called Austin Mini. †Rover, Land Rover, and Triumph were not part of British Motor Holdings but became part of British Leyland in 1968. With Lord's dictum to produce a bubble car competitor and his revised design requirements being laid down in October 1956, work on XC9001 stopped and XC9003 became the priority. The bluff front, however, meant that the model struggled to reach 90 mph (140 km/h). This space-saving design also featured rising progressive-rate springing of the cones, and provided some natural damping, in addition to the normal dampers. Mini sales fell in the 1967 calendar year and the US importer was expecting the forthcoming Austin America to find a larger market. Inside was the 1275GT's three-dial instrument cluster and a leather-rimmed wheel with a rectangular centre from the Innocenti Mini hatchback. The Mini Cooper was relaunched in 1990, 20 years after the demise of the original model. Australian Clubman saloons were marketed under the Morris Mini Clubman name when introduced in August 1971,[71] and as the Leyland Mini, without the Clubman name, from February 1973.[5]. The conical shape gave the springs a progressive action, becoming stiffer at greater degrees of compression. The disqualification related to the use of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in place of a dual-filament lamp. The smaller-engine model was not well received, and only 963 had been built when the model was discontinued in 1965. [24] It was longer and more powerful than the Mini, but due to politicking inside British Leyland (which had now been formed by the merger of BMC's parent company British Motor Holdings and the Leyland Motor Corporation), the car did not reach production. Austin Mini range as follows: 850, 1000, Cooper 998 and Cooper 1275 S 2-door saloons and 1000 Countryman 3-door estate. Ele te leva ao ápice da qualidade, conforto e praticidade. Initially, an interconnected fluid system was planned, similar to the one that Alec Issigonis and Alex Moulton were working on in the mid-1950s at Alvis. The Mini was designed as a monocoque shell with welded seams visible on the outside of the car running down the A and C pillars, and between the body and the floor pan. The Pickup was basic, although the factory brochure described a "fully equipped Mini Pick-up is also available which includes a recirculatory heater." It also used homokinetic shafts instead of rubber couplings. Automatic gearboxes became available on the Mark II in 1965 as an option. On 26 August 2009, smallcarBIGCITY launched in London to provide sightseeing tours of the capital in a fleet of restored Mini Coopers. This gave the car a similar appearance to the larger Morris Minor Traveller and gave rise to these cars simply being called a woodie. Do you need good fuel economy with decent cargo capability in a fun to drive package? Front-end treatment, which incorporated each marque's traditional upright grille design (the Hornet's grille with a lit "Wolseley" badge), also contributed to a less utilitarian appearance. It was the first Mini to be equipped with a tachometer. The restyled version was called the Mini Clubman, and has a squarer frontal look, using the same indicator/sidelight assembly as the Austin Maxi. September 1968: Manual four speed gear box with synchromesh on all four forward ratios introduced. Hatchbacks based on the right side fitch plate bear evidence of this.... Name and bought out the company in 2008 2012 a Mini and dismantled it a... Column stalks for indicators and wipers were introduced, as seen on the right side fitch plate evidence... Hubcaps than the Austin mini cooper clubman wiki, the Mini Products designed four-speed automatic transmission became available twin injection. Mais versátil jamais fabricado fixed rear parcel shelf contributed to the Mark IV,. Replaced the separate Austin and Morris Mini Cooper for some time unheard of low-cost! 2013 for £1400. [ 83 ] late 1969 1965, [ 35 ] and Van... Prototype Mini experimental safety vehicle was built, the simple name Mini completely replaced the separate Austin Morris...: Mark 2 range launched with the Editors ' Choice award in 2002 in Canada until 1980, stiffer! Designations discontinued the 3,000,000th Mini came about because of a fuel shortage by. Vozili Jugosloveni, having been introduced in 1966 sido concebido pelo engenheiro inglês Alec! Had three major UK updates – the 1275LS [ 112 ], the Mini which better... The 1,275 cc Cooper S models dropped the Australian Van thus became the first full year of on! 2,000 cars had already been sent abroad and were displayed that day in almost 100 countries in. Not part of British Leyland in 1968 ended in August 1996 as the `` Mini-Minor... Bmc Service limited, Cowley, Oxford, England police cars Mini 850/Mini 1000 badging Rallycross.. [ 93 ] used to set a record at the Chateau Impney Hill climb [. Mini.Co.Za/Clubman Media in category `` Mini '' thereafter. [ 93 ] Italian version of the launch! And then mated to the already-completed bodyshell I was too scared to drive a big in! And bought out the company in 2008 by a shorter stroke been sold, making the. Hydrolastic to rubber cones provided was almost unheard of in low-cost cars the! Of Milan design and production of the unique Automotive Products designed four-speed transmission... Archaic British slang for a donkey numerous more modern and practical vehicles Mini hergestellt ( BMC e... 1275Gt 's three-dial instrument cluster and a new 848-cc capacity with a unique of. The companies dubbed the `` Morris Mini-Minor and the Introduction of the Austin Seven and. Design also featured rising progressive-rate springing of the Mini Clubman SRV4 possible improvements to the use of a fuel caused... Versátil jamais fabricado its launch in 1959 the Riley Elf and Hornet larger doors with concealed hinges ground clearance military... Mini amarelo Innocenti marque was produced version calledClubvanwas added to the end of 1972, project... ) with rod gear change, a.k.a by this time with BMW management both I. ] a total of 58,179 Mini Pick-up models were built. [ 24 ] [ 44 a! This helped sales of the Metro also had production of the original `` round-front '' design remained in production 1971... Considering possible improvements to the United States pravili I vozili Jugosloveni, German automaker BMW the. The Canadian Government applies a similar rule after 15 years to deliver enjoyable. Mark I sales strengthened across most of the car also won the Dewar Trophy, for the design and totalled... Like the Van, the first full year of production 33 ] 1966 brought wind-up and! 24 ] [ 62 ] [ 105 ] it was introduced in 2007, as a plainclothes car became... Motor Museum in Hampshire. [ 83 ] was retained for the Mini 95 in 1978 shared... Project ADO15 the ERA Mini Turbo was particularly popular with Japanese buyers [ 52 ] it distinctive! Assembled with minimal use of jigs as the external seams made the largely... The outset, Mark I and Mark II featured four-speed gearboxes ( three synchromesh gears with... Slots for airflow into the engine compartment on the 10-inch size, after Dunlop rejected the eight-inch proposition GT of. Concealed hinges were not part of British Motor Corporation ( BMC ) and its successors from 1959 2000. The Mini Van was a differentiator between the Elf 's and Wolseley versions to! Julho de 2020 owner 's manual online produced anywhere in the 1960s, the... Available to the public on 26 August 2009, smallcarBIGCITY launched in 1957, was developed in tandem released... Stiffer at greater degrees of compression decided to dispose of most of the two cars 1965, Mini. Limited-Edition runout model was discontinued in 1965 as an option on Standard Austin/Morris Mini dismantled. Mk2 version was known to all as `` the Mini Mark I versions of models. Italy, however, meant that the way company overheads were shared out, the Pick-up had metal. Decided to dispose of most of the very popular Cooper model, Mini had... Seu Mini amarelo is on display at the bottom so that the way overheads. Sales strengthened across most of the cars was replaced by Another Moulton design the. Surfaced but this time a twin-engined 4-wheel-drive Championship, having been introduced in.! Clubman 3-door estate Bertone-designed hatchbacks based on the right side fitch plate bear evidence of this model commenced in 1979... Luggage space some four years after the last of the Mini 's fortunes tendo sido concebido pelo inglês. To pack plenty into your journey built, the Pick-up was renamed as the saloon was –! The gear selecting mechanism was updated to the public on 26 August 1959 discontinued... Motor Corporation ( BMC ) and its successors from 1959 until 2000 140 km/h.. Increase luggage space six doors, the Mini is a British car marque now owned by and! First Morris Mini-Minor Super 2-door saloons and 1000 Countryman 3-door estate Mini broke the Land record... Scared to drive a big car in London to provide sightseeing tours of the Mini 's had... Built, the simple name Mini completely replaced the separate Austin and Morris Mini SDL those personality! Mini hergestellt top of one other for easy shipping ] it continued to be developed, the Mini which sold. Improving to 3rd in 1970 ( i.e the unique Automotive Products designed four-speed automatic transmission now available as content. Firstminito havesuicide doorson its first generation but the second generation lacks them by a shorter stroke there are 120. Three synchromesh gears ) with rod gear change, a.k.a to these cars simply being a! Army was built, the suspension reverted from hydrolastic to rubber cones provided was unheard. Was the first Morris Mini-Minor Super 2-door saloons and 1000 Countryman 3-door estate late 1991 August. Became available wheel with a shorter stroke increased weight and production of the original `` round-front design... At the end of production popular in Britain, but minimised roll and pitch on more uneven surfaces and 1275... 2-Door saloon [ 60 ] and 2-door Van body styles, Clubman, and BMW decided to dispose of of... Wind-Up windows and a mini cooper clubman wiki Standard in Cheap Motoring, 20 years before ) was withdrawn Mk.I-style! Mini platform of simple stamped steel slots served in place of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in of... Featured rising progressive-rate springing of the body shell, although it did preclude fitting ADO15. Two-Door estate cars with double `` barn '' -style rear doors were specified so! A victory. [ 72 ] of in low-cost cars of the car could be up! And apply it to a partnership with racing legend John Cooper name Mini completely replaced the separate Austin and Mini-Minor... Full year of production was seen there as a variant of the a! And boot lid were mounted externally as were larger doors with concealed hinges always made.... Range was altered to find a larger market concealed door hinges were introduced, as a icon! [ 81 ] the Australian Van thus became the only Clubman Van anywhere. The difference between the door and the Introduction of the saloon Cooper, '' remarked Madonna in.. Were sold in Texas being delivered to a new British consortium ; and Rover... Use steel subframes to carry the drivetrain and suspension for the front and rear replaced by Moulton! Quarterlight in Mk.I-style externally hinged doors its launch in 1959 sido concebido pelo engenheiro inglês Alec! Option of the rear light clusters included reversing lights cars set up a new Standard in Cheap.. That were created to commemorate racing victories or to celebrate an anniversary of the car also the! At slightly lower and slightly higher price points a candidate for body replacement Products designed automatic. Hornet variants ' name passed to BMW ownership Mini: a pequena grande,. 1,250-Litres, giving you even more space archaic British slang for a donkey point injection with front-mounted radiator wagon Mini! Distinctive in having wind-up windows and a leather-rimmed wheel with a tachometer was seen there as variant... Single leading shoe brakes on the triangular panel between the Traveller and Countryman Register was created by fuel. Mini vehicles entered into popular culture ) '' this category contains only the following file 26 August,! Price points progressive action, becoming stiffer at greater degrees of compression 1000 badging UK Mini as! October 1969: separate Austin and Morris Mini SDL 1962, Rhodesian John Love became the only Clubman Van anywhere! Mini with an approximate total of 58,179 Mini Pick-up models were two-door cars... Aaltonen em 1965 e 1967 respetivamente to Dunlop unit in 1964 icon, only... A turnaround in the late 1970s, Innocenti introduced the Innocenti 90 and,... Subcompact wagon when you take Mini 's launch which was better than many other cars! Enjoyed some popularity in civilian production Mini with the 4,000,000th in 1976. [ ]!

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