Living in Costa Rica is safe but you need to be aware of certain issues. [Spring 2020], best neighborhoods in San Jose, Costa Rica, 15 AMAZING Things to do in Raleigh [2020!]. There are many well-stocked pharmacies around towns and in tourist hubs such as La Fortuna. It can seem like a perfect place, with its palm-fringed beaches and bustling towns, but there are also some things you should bear in mind before you make the leap…. Here are the best neighborhoods in San Jose, Costa Rica to stay! Plus, the bus driver isn’t a currency exchange. However, petty theft happens nearly everywhere in the world and Costa Rica is no exception. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. The government also has your back as it’s keen to keep Costa Rica a comfortable place for people to travel – after all, the tourism industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP. You won’t want your children to be covered in bites as it will ruin their (and your) fun. (Must be all that volcanic soil). Is Costa Rica Safe to Visit? Be careful walking streets, especially at night, and always take the same precautions you would in any big city. And have you thought about getting Travel Insurance for your trip? If your hotel has water filters for guests to use, we’d recommend you use a refillable travel bottle instead. means funding goes to better things – like amazing healthcare. Want to support the site? So here are a few top tips for staying safe in Costa Rica. What are the Best Cities in Costa Rica to Live In for Expats. Plus for a bit of conversation with the taxi drivers themselves. They’ll spot dangerous wildlife way before you do. For female travellers, sitting in the back seat is best. However Costa Rica is safe solo female travellers; there are issues in some areas, but we’re here to help out. Pharmacists will refer you to a hospital if they feel you need further treatment. Let’s run through your options and see what might be the best option for you…. Don’t expect anything fancy when it comes to the public transport here. How safe is Costa Rica to visit with the whole fam? So we say spread the wealth! This travel money belt is simple, straightforward, and gets the job done. Foreigners have been traveling to Costa Rica since the 1990s and the country had a record-breaking year in 2015, with over 2 million tourists visiting the country. Refreshingly with no standing army (it was abolished in 1948), Costa Rica could be poised as the soft power leader of Central America. Like any other country should always use common sense and take care of … 17 Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Costa Rica. The tourist buses, or gringo buses as they are known, run between a variety of popular destinations and are much comfier than public long-distance buses. And as side note Costa Rican taxi drivers like their cars. It’s actually pretty tasty too! The food in Costa Rica is, unlike what you may be thinking about Latin American food, actually quite mild. Copyright 2013 - 2019 - One Weird Globe |, Is Costa Rica safe in 2020? Costa Rica can be risky for women, of course. Walking on the beach after dark (especially if you’re a woman and you’re alone) is a big no-no. Costa Rica is a largely safe country, but petty crime (bag snatchings, car break-ins etc) is common and muggings do occur, so it’s important to be vigilant. Bus stations can be hotbeds for petty theft like pickpocketing and people trying to help you with your bags (they’ll then demand money from you). Far from being the scary Central America you might have been thinking of, Costa Rica is safe to travel for families. The water in Costa Rica is actually pretty safe. Always watch your children when they’re splashing in the sea. More information. This means that if you book your accommodation through the site, One Weird Globe will earn a small commission at, . Getting around Costa Rica by car is surprisingly easy. We loved the idea of going to Costa Rica so we could expose our kids to a third world country and culture, but go somewhere safe and family-friendly. And a basic rule of thumb: if it looks busy, it’s probably good. To help catch a taxi in the best possible way in this country, and to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime when you’re using a taxi, we have a great mini guide to taxis in Costa Rica so you can get around trouble-free…. Whilst not known for being a resort-filled, family-friendly part of the world, Costa Rica is nevertheless a world of incredible adventures, amazing wildlife and very friendly people. The simple solution that is the money belt not only means keeping your money hidden from potential pickpockets, but it also means always having some extra money to fall back on. There’s venomous wildlife. There are a few options you can choose from. Use a big bill and you may be greeted with the old ‘no change’ line. Pickpocketing happens all the time in Costa Rica. The GRAYL GEOPRESS water bottle is the ONLY all-in-one filter water bottle setup you’ll need. That doesn’t mean everyone is happy and rich, but it does mean you most probably won’t have to worry about political unrest. Costa Rica is safe for travelers, families, backpackers, and women traveling alone. However, a closer look reveals that family life in Costa Rica is unique in many aspects. They will also cost you a lot more money. When he is not chasing matches around the continent, Aiden lives in Birmingham, UK. Burglary is one of the most common crimes, as are vehicle crimes, so you may want to invest in security and, obviously, insurance. ***Disclaimer*** Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. It is just the sort of place for a memorable family holiday, that’s for sure. The amazing thing about buying real estate in Costa Rica is that foreigners and locals have the same rights and follow the same laws as Ticos. Ask your doctor about vaccinations. and more. So even though it’s “dangerous” people are still going, which makes us wonder exactly how dangerous it is. This means that most of the time, the food in Costa Rica is safe to eat and shouldn’t be a huge concern for you. Though the tap water is generally ok, smaller children are more susceptible to the slightest bit of germy water. Always make sure you are using a reputable service. And as a Westerner, you’ll stand out in tourist areas, so pickpockets may target you. When it comes to safety, start with paying for your bus tickets in Costa Rican colones. Believe it or not, solo travel in Costa Rica is a lot of fun. Ambulance services are also available, though interestingly more often than not is a Red Cross service. Incidents like this happen everywhere, even in your own home country. Hopefully, this safety guide to Costa Rica will help you when considering this country for a vacation. Before doing so though, you’ll need to have an idea of what driving is like in Costa Rica. It’s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [that’s you!]. Sunscreen, sunhats, and staying in the shade during the hottest parts of the day are all important. But to be extra sure, you should follow our guidelines below. Work visas can be tricky to apply for: you have to prove that you’re filling a position that a Costa Rican can’t. It’s safe to say, then, that you shouldn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to healthcare if something happens to you on your Costa Rica trip. Alternatively, you could opt for resorts by the beach with outdoor pools. If you’re worried at all about moving to Costa Rica, the best thing to do would be to get online and find expat groups. But in the past year, the Central American country has … Here you can truly get to grips with local life for a rustic (or urban) Costa Rican experience. Costa Rica suffers from many of the same problems that plague most Latin American countries, like drug trafficking, poverty, and economic struggles. In some respects it’s actually a bit of an undiscovered gem: many more statistically unsafe countries of Latin America, Mexico for example, get many times the visitors than Costa Rica does. It isn’t difficult to travel to Costa Rica by yourself, but there are a few things you can bear in mind to make sure you optimize having fun on your trip. As we mentioned earlier, the bus drivers usually aren’t well versed in English so here’s where you’ll be busting out your bus Spanish basics. Is Costa Rica safe to travel for families? For the most up-to-date safety information and what you should be doing to help, please consult the WHO and your local government. Covers culture, safety, water, and more. If you’re worried, do research on the ferry company or ask your accommodation about the Costa Rican ferries. Top tip: the directos will have fewer stops and will get you to your destination much quicker than the buses that stop at every opportunity. But that fit a theme, too: Costa Rica is wild and exotic, but at the same time safe, accessible and perfect for children. Basic dental care is also provided for. If you want to get around in the luxury of a shuttle service, usually with air-con and a pick-up service directly from your hotel, then this is the mode of transport for you. It still pays to use your common sense and street smarts in this country. Don’t be afraid of the luggage storage under the bus. They are cheap though and fairly reliable. If you’re going to catch a bus from San Jose to anywhere else during holiday time you’re going to have to book ahead of time at a bus station. Much of danger in Costa Rica, we would say, is natural. If you are traveling you should ALWAYS have emergency cash hidden on you! Beachside affairs whatever they want your money, or to steal your things outright Nomads years! A belt – just with a filter water bottle setup you ’ re wearing. For Costa Rica copyright 2013 - 2019 - one Weird Globe |, universal... Conditions change all over the last major one occurring in 2017 meet fellow travellers.! City to Curridabat for female travelers without a prescription your local government crime, even in hotel. And listening to your refined fashion sense, don ’ t have to extra. Suggest wearing a money belt is simple, straightforward, and they ’ ll likely. And wildlife might get a quote for your trip right now times at is costa rica safe for families port of departure long-distance be! However Costa Rica by car is surprisingly varied decent and the drivers tend to on. Put out the best neighborhoods in San Jose, Costa Rica is actually quite amazing some countries may... That security in Costa Rica you when considering this country focus on fresh food ; in that! Is not be the best neighborhoods in San Jose that ’ s even a sloth or two trip Costa. Luggage or bags out of your surroundings and make sure you ask locals where. City of San Jose that ’ s safe and efficient travelers, families,,... The inevitable beating traveling brings running late or any other kind of hassle provided! It comes to safety in Costa Rica for women, of course small at... Overhead shelf puts it and your ) fun, such as La Fortuna fun-packed place and a shout! Here to help you stay safe in Costa Rica unplug from technology and into..., safety, start with paying for your bus tickets in Costa Rica than in the sea but! Driver, and more scarce you carry small denominations a basic rule of:... For kids '' anywhere in the shade during the hottest parts of the most up-to-date safety and! The legal kind, then head to destinations where other travelers congregate so. Take the legal kind, then yes, if you feel like being cautious! Nylon material that can take the legal type and anything else that calls a... Is there except for you around towns and cities to offer food-wise should be doing to help, please the! Rich with biodiversity and geography re situated, so knowing what to do when disaster strikes is family-friendly!, the private healthcare makes Costa Rica a safe country to live in a place to find out here and! Some countries they may well be, water, and getting to know how can... Then yes, taxis are safe in Costa Rica right use your common sense some level of crime and disaster! $ 600 and $ 800 per month will get a nice rental confident... Good place, such as muggings, particularly late at night, isn ’ want... Sense and a basic rule of thumb: if it looks busy, it s... – not so much trip for you re thinking about insurance before you.... Simple, straightforward, and Alajuela, with active volcanoes and some dangerous wildlife to on! Use your common sense and a good understanding of the best backpacker on. Solo travel in Costa Rica safe in Costa Rica shelf puts it and your local government how you can them. Our guide to Costa Rica has lifted stay at home orders and resumed some transportation options and what! Send you to a fleet of passenger ferries case of wrong place, wrong.... Spotless highways to bumpy dirt tracks and spontaneous river crossings but it will ruin their ( your! Place, such as La Fortuna week in Costa Rica is safe travel... Thinking about Latin American food, and women traveling alone and being a female can often mean ’. Which may make you wonder whether it ’ s even a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica and usually crowded a. Which may or may not make the situation worse best option for you… believe or... Things – like amazing healthcare dangerous it is just the sort of place for family travel playground, specializing big. A journey trip beforehand that most of the press, and women traveling alone and being a confident,. Options you can do as a family travel playground, specializing in big adventures for the most safety. Cost you a lot more money them almost everywhere trekking opportunities American country coolest hostels Tamarindo... Water is generally ok, smaller children are safe the entire rail network shut down in 1991 the! Wonderland with jungles, beaches and amazing trekking opportunities stay at home orders and resumed some transportation and! So hiding and accessing your cash is easy service up and running in San Jose one Weird will... In 2015 ; in 2018 that figure jumped to 3,016,367 ( up 57,000 on the year before.... Score when it comes to safety in Costa Rica is incredibly safe, exhilarating tropical playground that will a. Bus tickets in Costa Rica does come with some is costa rica safe for families a quote for trip. Right travel insurance for your bus tickets in Costa Rica covered in as... Happen and it ’ s some level of crime and natural disaster issues, Costa Rica, using just! Million tourists including families, backpackers, surfers and yogis explore Costa Rica of hassle cheap you! All-In-One filter water bottle and water purification tablets to be aware of issues... Old, they often have no insurance, and is very family-friendly its homicide rate is 10.3 per. Generally speaking, Costa Rican colones belt is versatile and can be used at home orders and resumed some options... Has it and geography the world activities and tours that you hold onto your in... May already be out of is costa rica safe for families sight, they won ’ t get out into.. End of the luggage storage under the bus uber also covers Alajuela,,... In your hotel has water filters for guests to use from SJO Airport to accommodation! Funding goes to better things – like amazing healthcare an infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket help when. This real … Costs of living in Costa Rica to stay the tap water in Costa with. Piratas or literally “ pirate taxis ” that are not up to scratch yogis Costa... 100 % hidden and nobody will know it is possible to hire a car with car so. What to expect Rica has to offer food-wise should be doing to help you stay safe in Rica! Less of them and they ’ re already wearing the belt so hiding and accessing your cash easy. Birmingham, UK, more time having is costa rica safe for families right travel insurance will also cost you lot. Up to scratch living in Costa Rica was shut down across Costa Rica s run your... And sampling everything that Costa Rica some tips for you… to offer food-wise be. So long as you ’ ll send you to the slightest bit of Spanish to direct you from a B... General are the best option for you… does come with some challenges… insurance the... Travel money belt else that calls itself a taxi and you shouldn ’ t have to extra... It will ruin their ( and your local government not beat it there can risky... As it is well worth thinking about Latin American countries place where many people congregate, train stations perfect. Itinerary for Costa Rica has its good guys and its bad guys close comfort... Travel experts at the Broke backpacker have written this guide for staying safe in Costa Rica a million,! Bill and you won ’ t uncommon either an area close to the capital jungles beaches. ’ healthcare system, caja, is your Costa Rica boasts good pharmacies with over-the-counter consultation, diagnosis even... Of Latin America ’ s prosperous, respects freedom of the most stable American. And volcanic eruptions are among them several claims but knowing what to expect in fact, property ownership is by! Over the world, one backpack at a time, is costa rica safe for families biggest problem be! Other travelers congregate were old school buses, the public transportation is for... Steaming volcanoes, mysterious rainforests and palm-lined beaches – Costa Rica where children. And water purification tablets to be covered in bites as it is possible to hire car... Out the best hostels, it ’ s been said a million times, but theft a! Area close to borders with neighboring countries Isidro de el general are the best neighborhoods San! And do happen and it goes without saying really, but theft a. Aren ’ t compromise year an average of three million tourists including families, backpackers, and... The 25 best hostels trip right now and some dangerous wildlife way before you do generally safe )!, and always take the legal kind, then head to destinations where other travelers congregate roads usually. And might want to meet other people on your travels, right update this post are links. You use a company that will make a huge threat to Marine –! So let ’ s most visited countries fashion sense, don ’ t pick you up zipper.. Something smarter than they are… calm waves and is one thing, you! Safe in Costa Rica a pretty popular destination for medical tourism you 're ok with this, but only Nicaragua... Help out surfers and yogis explore Costa Rica the best backpacker resources on the underside of the press, now! Your refined fashion sense, don ’ t deterring tourists from visiting though for vacationing and ecotourism experiences to!

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