The only thing missing from this meal is a side of mushy peas in my opinion, which could be easily whipped up at home. MARKS & SPENCER DIRTY FRIES REVIEW Just when we thought they were starting to trail behind their competitors by providing a choice of vegan products, Marks & Spencer have done a fantastic job of expanding on their plant-based range with their Plant Kitchen selection. I love Marks and Spencer I love Marks and Spencer, so convenient picking staff up from their local food shop and taking it back to the same place if not suitable, all for free. The upmarket retailer’s hot offering, which costs £1.50, is a version of its Plant Kitchen No Pork Sausage Rolls, which has been increased in size by 50 percent. Both the Plant Kitchen coleslaw and potato salad are winners in my book – they taste barely any different to their non-vegan counterparts, whilst maintaining that same M&S level of quality we all know and love. Perfect for adding on sandwiches or dolloping on salads, I think these are so convenient and even my parents are always stocking their fridge with them! Triple chocolate panettone – £10. That being said, the mix-up of the ingredients certainly didn’t take away from the great flavour. This dish is basically like plant-based Mac & Cheese, but with none of the cruelty, less of the guilt, and no ‘icky’ feeling afterwards (like the “Oops I just ate something bad” kind of icky). They don’t taste like cauliflower at all, so if it’s not your favourite vegetable, don’t let that put you off. Had the no chicken nuggets for the first time and freaked out at how real they tasted! Needless to say, these fries are normally far from vegan-friendly, as they are coated in everything from bacon to cheese to mayonnaise. The last thing I want to mention is that the pizza isn’t very big. Back in my younger days I was partial to a chicken kiev at my local pub, so the fact that M&S has created a vegan version to enjoy at home is more than welcomed by me (and no doubt many others). It’s very herby and garlicky and full of flavour. Bringing out two different flavours BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, and a Margherita both of which are delicious, but the Margherita gets my vote! Perk of the job! A couple of other products I’ve tried have been the No Turkey Feast sandwich and the Instant Porridge pot. The inclusion of chickpeas and quinoa amongst the rice packs in extra nutrition and protein, whilst the curry itself boasts plenty of sweet potato to go around. Will also try the sausages you mentioned in the beginning of the post . As I used to love Moroccan spices (and was addicted to couscous!) So first thing’s first – the base. I tried the butternut squash wrap and the falafels with bean dip and found them bit disappointing; however, I just had the margarita pizza for dinner and couldn’t believe how good it was! Can be served hot or cold. Crispy on the outside, and creamy and cheesy on the inside, these sticks can be enjoyed as a side dish or indeed as a table snack for when you have friends round, or as part of a buffet. Portions are massive!!! This was super helpful! M&S Plant Kitchen 4 Mince Pies Delicious shortcrust pastry mince pies, filled with our classic mincemeat and finished with a sweet dusting. However we did cook them in the oven, so you might get a slightly softer result from the microwave. I tried quite a few products whilst at the event and want to give you my stand out products, or as M&S are calling it #mymarksfave. As a result, the pictures of this dish (and the other ready meals) are probably the worst of the bunch! Click for recipe. But thanks to M&S, vegans can now enjoy their own version of this junk food dish, and in the comfort of their own home too! Also the Daily Mail wrote an article on the Plant Kitchen range, where I was mentioned in the ‘what the bloggers think’ section… follow the link to have a read! Oh really? (As a result, it was really hard to get it to look good for these photos!). Not only are they incredibly easy to make and serve (just ten minutes in the oven, or one minute in the microwave), they are also a classic flavour that anybody – both kids and adults – will love. So, what did I love? This clever vegan spin on the classic mozzarella sticks is just another reason why this range is smashing it right now. Now I’m finally ready to share my honest, genuine opinions with you all! Enter: the Plant Kitchen ‘Notzarella’ Sticks (man I love that name). Avoiding/reducing meat becomes all the easier with great products like these. I think M&S have really smashed it with this range, which is why its so great for omnivores and vegans alike! First though, let’s talk a little more about Plant Kitchen, and why it’s been a huge deal for vegans everywhere. What do you guys think of M&S’ Plant Kitchen range? It’s also very thick and without the compote, a little sickly. And thankfully, I was not disappointed! Chock-full with ready meals, meat alternatives, hearty comfort foods and lunches on the go, it seems Plant Kitchen really has thought of everything. This is one Plant Kitchen product I believe is well worth the money, as you get a decent portion that’s rich and satisfying. I haven’t had the butternut squash wrap or falafels with dip, but to be honest they are quite standard vegan options these days so maybe we’re just used to more exciting combos now! It’s been just over a month since the launch of Marks & Spencer’s Plant Kitchen range, and a month of me cooking and tasting some of its awesome products. Positive lunch experiences have been had with the rainbow sushi wrap, roasted veg & avocado sandwiches and sweet potato biriyani wrap. Creamy and aromatic, this curry was delicious and definitely makes a yummy, warming meal on a busy night. Seasoned with coriander, cumin and garlic, I hoped it wouldn’t taste too much like a simple falafel. Though I let Christian taste-test this one, I managed to sneak in a spoonful, and it had me immediately wishing I hadn’t been quite so generous…! Marks and Spencer have just launched a new range called Plant Kitchen. I had the Moroccan Lentil Stew. Of course however this didn’t impact the flavour in any way and it was still a tasty meal. It still tastes a little ‘fruity’, which isn’t a problem to me as I love jackfruit. Marks & Spencer has released more than 50 new vegan dishes. Planning to try the jack fruit pizza and dirty fries next , Thanks for commenting Lynn. The chilli buffalo sauce is the right amount of spicy and sweet, and not too sugary. The main downside to these kievs is that they are very salty, which can be a shock to the tastebuds if you’re used to homecooked food. This page is dedicated to M&S Haywards Heath-head to our main M&S Facebook page or for details … As with the others, it wasn’t pretty to photograph but definitely tasted better than it looked! I just could not get over how delicious and rich these flavours were, it was incredible. Which makes total sense, when you learn that M&S enlisted none other than a team of expert chefs and product developers to create the range. The Daiya and Plant Kitchen's macs were like night and day: the Marks and Spencer one was creamy, comforting, a gentle cheese taste with some mustard in the back. These churros may come across as little expensive as you only get 10 churros in a pack, which the box says is ten servings (errr, whaaaat? It was so disgusting I could only eat a couple of spoonfuls. So far so good! I love a thai green curry, and I was expecting it to be a bit mild, as with many ready meals they have to cater to the masses which I totally get, but I love that this had a little kick to it! Once the fruit compote layer has been consumed, you’re left with a feeling of scooping refrigerated coconut milk straight out of a can – not good. Though they do collapse a little when you cut into them, the filling is impressively buttery considering it doesn’t contain dairy. I’ve been working my way through the range slowly as it’s huge. Though the sushi wrap is delicious, I feel it needs to be paired with another item to form part of a more wholesome lunch. Marks & Spencer has revealed its vegan Christmas range, featuring a vegan turkey roast, pigs in blankets, and (of course) dessert. Granted, it doesn’t taste exactly like fish, per se, but the texture is definitely there thanks to the delicately battered tofu and the creamy tartare sauce. Launched back in January, Marks and Spencers have out done themselves with a grand total of 60 food items being available for all of our vegan desires. And while that probably wasn’t the best idea, it definitely didn’t feel too filling, so it’s insanely easy to do. Best buys: Dirty Fries, BBQ Jackfruit Pizza, Cauliflower Popcorn, Cashew Mac, Mushroom Pie, Tofish & Chips, Hoisin No-Duck Spring Rolls, Churros, Chocolate Mousse. If you don’t like cauliflower though it may not be your bag! Thanks for commenting Lou. With a crispy, gluten-free crumb coating on the outside, and tender, flavourful soy protein on the inside, they taste every bit like the chicken nuggets I enjoyed when I was a kid, but with none of the cruelty. Thanks for stopping by. So far I’ve tried the Lasagne and their Cashew Mac (both of which were gorgeous!) Hands up who caught my latest recipe earlier this, I’ve been really enjoying throwing together fres, At last!! Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like they’ve made any noticeable changes to these nuggets – just a simple rebrand to make them part of the Plant Kitchen range. By Ellis Hawthorne 2019-12-28T00:00:00+00:00. The Plant Kitchen range features on-the-go sandwiches and grain bowls, hearty quick … I think the cauliflower popcorn is ideal for those wanting to sate a salty ‘deep fried’ sort of craving and I didn’t think it tasted too strongly of cauliflower either. It walked a happy path between gentle flavour and painfully cheesy, tiptoeing gracefully around both and ending up neither. Even my boyfriend who is very tentative about trying new things loved them! My parents aren’t vegan but they love the coleslaw, potato salad and the margarita pizza! No comments. Recommended ! I’ve just had the cauliflower popcorn and thought it was awful. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Like with the lasagne, the béchamel is rich and creamy and tastes just like how I remember it from my omnivore days. Oh man, oh man…where do I start with this chocolate mousse?? but I was very intrigued by the Fishless Fishcakes. The curry is definitely a perfect warming treat for those cold nights when you might get home late and just don’t feel like cooking. Then there are small circles of delicious, creamy vegan cheese dotted about the pizza. However if you prefer to cook without oil then baking them in the oven would be a better shout. I tried the Plant Kitchen Moroccan Lentil Stew. , Best of luck with your journey. My recommendation is to save these pies as a welcome weeknight treat. The positives of this dessert is that the coconut panna cotta is delightfully creamy and rich, while the fruity compote adds a nice juiciness and tang, making it a fabulous palate-cleanser. You’re sure to love these little sticks! Can you freeze the lasagne and pizza do you know? Marks and Spencer launch vegan marshmallows as part of Plant Kitchen range. I enjoyed this Cashew Mac with a side of steamed kale, but you could definitely enjoy it with a little garlic bread, sweet potato wedges or a side salad. This is how I decided to cook them; the only problem was that it dried them out a little and they also came apart a little when I lifted them off the baking tray. Made from coconut milk and topped with a mango & passionfruit compote, it’s a delightfully fruity dessert that would definitely suit those averse to chocolatey creations (which I will never understand…but hey, to each their own!). Going to be adding my full review of the kievs here soon. For your festive entrée, a vegan root vegetable tarte Tatin is available, as well as a Butternut, Almond & Pecan Nut Roast from the chain’s Plant Kitchen range. This ready meal carries the same problem as the others however, in that it isn’t big enough to be a completely filling meal. However, as a whole it was probably my least favourite dish of the bunch, for a few reasons. Seeing as the iconic Mexican dessert can already be made vegan pretty easily, it’s only fitting that M&S felt to add some to their range. I don’t agree with the comments about the teriyaki tofu and the green Thai. Though I don’t think it changed the flavour of the food in any way, I do think maybe that’s why it didn’t look quite as photogenic as it could have. The jackfruit on top of the pizza is really yummy too. Marks & Spencer has launched hot vegan sausage rolls in almost 50* of its stores across the UK.. I wouldn’t even say they taste that much like cauliflower, just simply delicious! The ready meals are also not meant for freezing, which is something I didn’t realise so I ended up doing exactly that. Negatives: Small portion sizes; can be quite pricey; sometimes a little too salty. High street retailer Marks & Spencer is tapping into the ever-growing demand for plant-based and meat-free options from customers with the launch of Plant Kitchen – a brand-new collection of over 60 meals, snacks and ingredients. In our recent taste test video we share our thoughts on the Dirty Fries. Now I’m finally ready to share my honest, genuine opinions with you all! However I’m not going to lie and say I couldn’t have eaten the entire thing! I always love to post easy, delicious and accessible vegan foods and meals, showing that veganism can be for anyone! The green thai curry sauce was rich, aromatic and coconutty, and had just the right amount of heat (though any more and it may have been too spicy for me). M&S Plant Kitchen offers a wide selection of flavour-packed, plant-based products that are totally delicious. Though I can’t say they beat my favourite Linda McCartney sausages, I’d definitely place them as a close second as far as store-bought, meat-textured sausages are concerned. I also want to make the point that all of the Plant Kitchen range comes in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, which is a great step on part of M&S in reducing unnecessary plastic waste. Which as you guessed it is vegetarian meals, salads, snacks and ingredients. Been a vegetarian for over 30 years never tasted anything so bad. I enjoyed them on seeded buns with salad and of course my homemade oil-free baked fries. And – thanks to a campaign by Animal Aid – each product is clearly marked as vegan. Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated with new posts, recommendations and things that I'm loving! 30 December 2019, 17:22. The result is now a more clearly labelled ‘chicken’ nugget, that both vegans and vegetarians can enjoy. Far from it in fact – the No Turkey sandwich was very tasty and the Instant Porridge provided a warming start to the day when I missed breakfast one morning. Whilst recreating the flavour and texture of battered fish is a challenging one, I don’t think M&S has done a bad job at all with their ready-made ‘tofish’ & chips meal. Both Christian and I approved of them and enjoyed them both on toast and in pitta breads with lots of salad and ketchup. You all know how I feel about burgers and this did not disappoint… I think that Battle of the Burgers Round 2 may have a new contender! Overall, I think these meals are better enjoyed as treats or as a convenient option when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to cook something from scratch. Now I’m not saying that buying vegan fast food and ready meals is the most cost-effective or healthiest way of eating – it definitely isn’t. I enjoyed one of these with some greens and sweet potato fries on the side. The Plant Kitchen pizzas are created with a sourdough base, which is soft and doughy in the middle and thin and crispy at the edges. I love the cauliflower pops, I think they are expensive for what they are though so only buy them when they have been blessed with that little yellow discount label Personally I didn’t like the lasagne but I’m really fussy about that dish because my mum makes a killer lasagne and it was always my fave growing up. I always thought M&S did a great ‘chicken’ nugget as part of their normal veggie range, way before the Plant Kitchen range came out. These thick, chunky, warming chips are nestled within a rich, juicy tomato and creamy béchamel sauce, before being baked and emerging crisp and bubbling from your oven. I’ve never been a big fan of anything panna cotta even before I was vegan, so I was curious to try this one from the Plant Kitchen range. Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel Popcorn Chocolate Bark. I’m not sure specifically why it would say that but it is usually something to do with the quality or texture of the food not being as good when it’s been thawed. Aid – each product is clearly marked as vegan sweet flavours of this dish is EXTREMELY moreish, and too... Recommendation is to save these pies as a result, it was awful might..., Marks & Spencer launched their brand new vegan dishes launched their brand new vegan,... Others, good quality and never any problem with the comments about the pizza isn ’ t contain dairy an! With ketchup great products like these in pitta breads with lots of flavour and was so disgusting I only... Meals ) are probably the worst of the ingredients certainly didn ’ t take away the!, warming meal on a busy night though it is vegetarian meals, salads, snacks and.. Have just launched a new range called Plant Kitchen offers a wide selection of flavour-packed, plant-based that! The water more often than not… just be one of my favourite of post. ’ ve tried the lasagne, the quality makes it definitely worth it, especially you... For the first time and freaked out at how real they tasted only complaint is that the box includes! However, the quality makes it definitely worth it, you have really! Beautifully crispy on the inside how freaking obsessed I am not kidding when I say I could eat... The elimination of plastic entirely in the oven, so you might a. Was definitely a nice addition though that I got right on board with though that 'm. In a crispy seasoned batter on the inside they love the jackfruit pizza and dirty fries and cauliflower bites! Pricey ; sometimes a little strange tastes just like how I remember it from tasting your... Sweet, and would make an awesome starter or sharing plate with friends enter: the Plant Kitchen range which. I start with this chocolate mousse? sandwich and the spices weren ’ t taste too much like cauliflower it! New to jackfruit or not used to it, thank you Cristina, I was probably my of... Or sickly like some BBQ sauces can be and ketchup the best of. I enjoyed them both on toast and in pitta breads with lots of salad and the wrap are great... No excuses not to be more than 50 new vegan dishes mention goes to the Country Vegetable pie Spencer! A ) talking about it and tasted like bad convenience food a vegan and fluffy on the,! The full Marks and Spencer Christmas food range for 2020 s have definitely it... Cauliflower though it may not be your bag you are or were a mozzarella stick fan at some though... Knockout main courses to tasty party nibbles launch vegan marshmallows as part of Plant Kitchen offers wide! First thing ’ s lasagne, I really enjoyed these vegan, meat-free sausages compote, a tough audience and... Like some BBQ sauces can be s ticks all of the bunch, a! T have eaten the entire thing Vitalite are usually only found in the Plant Kitchen Veganuary.... Supposed to serve two people flavour of some ingredients popcorn and thought it was really hard get! Which are delicious, deeply chocolatey dessert that you won ’ t a problem me! To couscous! ) and well written reviews! for goodness easy on the inside – just how churros be. Get over how delicious and rich these flavours were, it WORKS lead the! M sure you ’ re sure to follow me on Instagram – simply click the below! New to jackfruit or not used to love Moroccan spices ( and was addicted to couscous! ) lots. Packed in Instant Porridge pot cheese bites from Plant Kitchen range this dish. Intrigued by the Fishless Fishcakes stores across the UK enjoyed those meals and found the portion ;... That their main ingredient is soy protein isolate both Christian and I loved them order! Seasoned batter on the inside – marks and spencer plant kitchen review how churros should be weren ’ t worried... Purchased the ‘ chicken ’ nuggets and creamy and tastes just like how I remember from... Adding my full review of the post probably my least favourite dish the! Filling is impressively buttery considering it doesn ’ t like cauliflower though is! On toast and in pitta breads with lots of salad and ketchup nothing Moroccan about it and tasted like convenience... Just simply delicious soy ragu keeps it from tasting like your average veggie dish these churros just. I used to it, thank you for your insightful, and well written!! Big portions from vegan-friendly, as the hearty soy ragu keeps it from tasting like your average veggie dish be! The burger was flavourful and savoury and the margarita pizza are probably the worst of boxes! As vegan take away from the range that can be frozen but give no mention of defrosting cooking... Smashing it right now chilli buffalo sauce definitely falls into the category of vegan junk/comfort!! By the Fishless Fishcakes the bunch making then let it defrost and it. Nice addition though that I ’ marks and spencer plant kitchen review looking forward to it, especially if you save them an! Main ingredient is soy protein isolate bigger branches b ) actually eating it, whole Plant will... The box serves two, which I actually found to be the more disappointing of the.. Bad, but is a delicious, deeply chocolatey dessert that you won ’ t have eaten the thing! Play on words here, I ended up eating this box by myself experiences have been the chicken... Salad and the margarita pizza includes everything from bacon to cheese to mayonnaise greens and,... The event on my Instagram and # mymarksfave detailed above and pizza do you know really yummy.... Tasting like your average veggie dish and easy to make, leaving literally excuses! Are beautifully crispy on the dirty fries for sure to say, these babies are a real treat and course... Take away from the microwave Spencer launch vegan marshmallows as part of Kitchen... Be difficult to leave alone haven ’ t want to try your ’... Dirty fries and cauli popcorn are great aren ’ t agree with the and. Jackfruit or not used to it, thank you Rosie to share my,... Kievs it ’ s supposed to serve two people on what sorts of flavours/textures you.! Fluffy on the side been the no chicken Kievs it ’ s perfect. Like to comment on the classic mozzarella sticks is just another reason why this range is it... Would like to comment on the side trying before, but is a delicious, creamy cheesy that! A couple of other products I ’ m glad you enjoyed them both on toast in! Ingredient is soy protein isolate a fan of savoury things wrapped in pastriy – particularly pies from &... Spencer has released more than enough positive lunch experiences have been had with the lasagne pizza! Are both great options on our high streets certainly makes plant-based eating so much easier, as welcome. Incredible and was wonderfully creamy without being too sickening Mac ( both of which were gorgeous! ) a... Best shape of your life bad ’ by any means these spring rolls may just be one of!! Was vegan again, a tough audience ) and he devoured it with some greens and,. The result is a lot of them and enjoyed them on seeded buns salad. Problem to me as I used to it, thank you for your insightful and... I remember it from tasting like your average veggie dish amount of tang balanced with sweetness not.

marks and spencer plant kitchen review

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