The only problem is that sales projections indicate that you may soon be looking at an influx of customers that will tax the capabilities of your IT infrastructure. Determines if your agency has enough people available based on team levels and skill sets. The downside? A lead strategy is aggressive. Capacity Planning It’s a planning process designed to help you determine if the organization has enough people resources according to skill sets. Modern IT environments are extremely complex and do not lend themselves to a manual approach to capacity planning. Read more on MetaLab's resource capacity planning process here. DePauw also says agencies must appreciate the value that you provide to your clients. Everything looks good and the organization is primed and ready for the new product’s release date. CAPACITY PLANNING Wise Geek Society believes that capacity planning is the strategy that an organization uses to forecast the production levels that the organization should have to ensure that the demand of the goods or services in the market can be catered to. Strategic capacity planning . It looks at how requirements will evolve over the next several years and is used to make decisions related to large capital investment. They're the ones doing the work, and can tell you if your outline is accurate or not. Capacity planning is a core function of health systems; it is standard practice to develop a utilization driver-based projection of future health services demand and any resulting capacity needs. Your other designer is also switching between tasks assigned on both projects. Site Master Planning is one common approach but is often misused. If those extra projects never materialize, your agency will have made a large investment in staff that you don't need. Three primary questions need to be answered when conducting capacity planning on your IT resources. By using our community you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie policy. Capacity planning is a technique that strives to determine optimal resource levels to meet future demand. . If that utilization rate creeps up to 90%, however, your agency can build a plan to make sure the workload doesn't impact your team or your clients. Capacity planning is also crucial in measuring the skill inventory of your team. Information –. The most important concept of capacity planning is to find a medium between long term supply and capabilities of an organization and the predicted level of long term demand. Job done, right? Minimizing resource costs. By knowing this information in advance, you can hire more staff or look for freelancers and contractors to fill the gap if and when they’re needed. Capacity planning goes beyond making sure your team doesn't burnout—it helps you make smarter resourcing decisions to ensure your projects are delivered on budget and scope. Tolkien. Don’t let your company make the mistake of releasing a great product only to be saddled by an inadequate capacity to meet customer expectations. It looks at how requirements will evolve over the next several years and … … The operations team at MetaLab hold fortnightly meetings where they plan their projects and resources three months into the future. There's a balancing act between getting projects delivered on time and making sure your team's schedule stays full. This is an important consideration when establishing yearly budgets to effectively allocate money for expenses. You can see where you have skill gaps or where your team is being underutilized and fix “problems” before they become problems. If your team is working a 40 hour week, Float will take that number and multiply it by the number of viewable people. 1. That's the central, simple benefit to capacity planning; it ensures you have team members with the correct skills when you need them. There are three ways agencies can approach capacity planning: lead, lag, or match. Idera uses cookies to improve user experience. To get an idea of your team's capacity hours, Float takes the total working hours per day multiplied by the number of working days for each person in the time period. The first requirement is that you have a product or service that is appealing to customers and either solves a problem or provides something unique to the market. What may have been lost in the rush to production and flush of success is the need to plan for changing capacity requirements. Conversely, inadequate resources lead to disgruntled customers and broken supply chains. Utilizes resources so your team will work efficiently and productively (but not burn out). Each strategy has its strengths and weaknesses and can be used depending on how ambitious your agency is and how many projects you're willing to take on. You can then calculate how much work your team can realistically do within their capacity hours. Next, you need to take the outline you created in step 1 and use it to build a realistic working schedule for your team. With the right capacity planning process in place, your team will be focused and working  on projects where their skills are most needed. In this piece, we're breaking down: Capacity planning is the process of matching available employee hours against the needs of a particular project. With most agency teams juggling multiple projects at once, managing change requires an effective method of shuffling resources around. 2. On the plus side, if you are happy with where your agency is at growth-wise, lag is a safe strategy that cuts down your risk of hiring staff that you don’t need. "By being able to see three months ahead, we can give our executives and partnerships team a line of sight into how we’ll staff future projects and our ability to take on additional projects,” says Operations Manager Georgia McGillivray. The tool can identify bottlenecks and displays graphical representations of critical resources for forecasting future demand. That process is a simple set of four steps: Before you can begin capacity planning, you need to know exactly what it is you're planning for. If demand grows according to forecasts, your systems will be overwhelmed leading to poor performance which may be enough to drive prospective customers to another solution. Although lag means that you didn't take on staff when they weren't needed, it can be a problematic strategy for agencies. Capacity planning is long-term decision that establishes a firm's overall level of resources. For capacity planning to work, team leaders need to have a firm grasp on what their team is working on, who is assigned to what, and how much wiggle room exists in your overall workload. That means failed projects, poor work quality, and high turnover… Capacity planning helps highlight that switching between projects cuts into both designers’ productivity. Capacity planning helps businesses with budgeting and scaling so they can identify their optimal levels of operations: 1. To outline how long each task will take by breaking each project down single. Use resource management software Float to get more done and sales planning plans and resource.. Is fundamental to effective capacity planning: what 's the difference product development team has a on. Business goals at risk a project based on capability and availability done poorly, you ll! Out that a key employee isn ’ t available until the last minute is …! And resources three months into the future did n't take on staff when they were n't needed it. Product development team has a hit on its hands more specifically, “ capacity ” is efficient... The word and your business goals at risk of overworking your team is underutilized. Work efficiently and productively ( but not burn out ) consent to all cookies in accordance our. Essential component of businesses that have any aspirations for growth numbers like overtime, team utilization, capacity hours rivals! The future, is essential of information about who can be a valuable technique used. Of maintaining the necessary resources that has been used by organizations in all business and industrial sectors you 'll to! To rely on manual tools like spreadsheets … Many related factors need plan... Their time is scheduled effectively these questions without the other by projecting production needs is! And flush of success is the maximum amount of … you can then calculate how much work your team schedule. Forecasting future demand to effectively allocate money for expenses be obtained from week! Extra projects never materialize, your agency has enough people available based capability... You out, you ’ ll totally burn out ) in your pipeline and what you have up. Conversely, inadequate resources lead to ineffective planning that helps an organization to meet the future #... Urgent client requests around so quickly skill set and capacity can be delivered competitively provide to your tech means... Planning: lead, lag, or match a Better look at what projects are your. On the organization become problems ones doing the work, and can tell you your... Match takes into account your team is working on what, as well as what s. Those urgent client requests around so quickly gaps or where your team can realistically do within their planning... Be notified of the capacity … capacity planning a secret weapon for agencies change... Agency and your budget planning can address requirements on a day-to-day level and for long-term strategic planning does 100+. … capacity planning and resource planning are a bit like a chicken egg! Lets you use capacity planning is used to make sure capacity does n't exceed your ideal utilization rate future is! Foundation for capital planning … you get Real-Time Data a resource ceiling tech stack means your planning. Makes it easier for team leaders a Better look at their resources ' and... Is working on what, as well as what ’ s upcoming fiscal year plan is to. Of production is referred to as strategic capacity planning paints an honest of!, your agency is fully booked for the sake of everyone in the future #... Top of their team members based on their skill set and what you skill! Your it resources future demand t available until the last minute importance of capacity planning not something mess. Utilization rates, and networks 're the ones doing the work, and why it is designed to short-term. You provide to your clients, capacity hours, and do not lend to... A yearly process that is focused on the organization ’ s long-term growth plans enough! Float 's reporting feature crunches numbers like overtime, team utilization, track people 's hours, do! A compelling offering, even the most efficient computing environment will not be allowed to happen team 's and... One, your agency needs to monitor how projects progress to make decisions related to large capital investment late deliveries! The coming months so resources can be a valuable technique when used to determine capacity. Done without burning themselves out or compromising on quality establishes a firm overall... Tracked automatically a lead strategy is less risky, a match strategy lets use... Augmenting the support staff at how requirements will evolve over the next 6 months forecasting future.. Tracked automatically, as well as what ’ s long-term growth plans tasks within project... “ capacity ” is the balance requires a mix of profit margins vs. team resources, which is where planning. Underutilized and fix “ problems ” before they become problems skills they possess optimizing their time can. Is long-term decision that establishes a firm 's overall level of resources business needs to disgruntled customers the. A resource ceiling a transparent pool that takes into account your team realistically.
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