As a general rule, on full-page designs, the primary button is on the left side of the page. Such buttons and their zonal segmentation (left for dominant action, right for menuing) support many scenarios, but with a higher cost of code and guidance complexity. Not even you, let alone your users, know which is more important. We're an open and diverse team who values entrepreneurship and transparency. At it’s most expansive, a toolbar arrange many types, all together: primary, secondaries, toggles, menus, the works. Documentation isn’t a treasure hunt. Here are some examples of the visuals that came out of this work: During our creation process of the Button Design System for product, we made sure to incorporate our brand values into every element and component. Our foundation includes color, typography, grid, page elevation, and icons. Do we inject a brand voice…or not? Colette DeRose, Rachel Rodden, and Cori Huang. The Button component provides you with a standard